Surely it had happened the number of times when you polished your house, but it couldn’t stay clean long enough. Or you have made some mistakes that make your cleaning even harder. Especially if the cleaning is the last thing on your list. But, there are ways to turn your cleaning in a much easier task and avoid all challenges ahead of you, if you avoid these mistakes.

DUI cleaning products

cleaning-productsWe know this is a very popular topic all over the internet, and many people use it, but you should avoid it. They just don’t seem to have the same effect as cleaning products you buy in the store. Which means they will do a poor job keeping your house and your clothes clean. And it can increase your costs in the future; you will have to do the same job twice.

Feather duster should be history

It is a shocking fact how many people still use it to dust their house. Instead of cleaning the dust, feather duster only spreads it from one surface to another. You will never be able to get rid of the dust and the surfaces in your house will always be covered with it. You will be doing the same job multiple times during the week until it drives you crazy. The better solution is to use a microfiber cloth; it will grab and keep the particles on its surface.

Avoid sunny days to wash windows

When the sun is strong, it will make your cleaning product evaporate faster, and you won’t have time to wipe it. You should also avoid cleaning the windows during the night. You won’t have a good reflection of the light, and you will easily miss the spots. The best way is to clean them during the gloomy days. While the days are cloudy, house cleaning Sidney women tend to wash windows.

Keep your shoes outside

This is one of the smartest decisions you can make and probably one of the main reason why your house can stay clean for so long. If you leave your shoes outside, your house will be clean, and you won’t enter the dust and dirt on your shoes. Your living environment will be clean and allergen free. Just imagine how many nasty things you can enter in your house if you don’t take off your shoes.

You don’t clean your vacuum

If you don’t perform this action on a regular basis, instead of sucking the dust in your vacuum, you will be spreading it all over the place. The bag should be replaced whenever reaches it’s 1/3 full. If you use a bagless vacuum, dispose of the content of the canister after every use.

Tile cleaner doesn’t soak

Before you wipe the cleaner from the tiles, it should sit there at least 20 min. The formula needs to soak in and disintegrate the scale. If you wipe it too fast, you won’t get the same effect, and you will need to clean it once again with harder scrubbing. But, if you let it soak, it will need one light wipe to clean everything.